Jungle (feat. Jillthy & Missy D)

by Kimmortal

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This track is for the women who hold up the sky. Rock to it!
<3, kimmortal


feelin blessed
that i be blessin these tresses
with this track matter fact
the obvious blessings rest
within our breast, beating chest
beating hearts from the start
bleeding scars, bleeding hearts
passion fruiting feeding stars
feeding futures with our art
thinking back to when i first met these sistars
their lights shone so bright, lit up the night, forgot it was dark
rapping, take action, impassioned, lasting impression made marks
on me, i see you, i hear you,
i got your backs from the start
mami (mami)
did you see? (did you see?)
what she did? (what she did?)
tatooin? (whatchu mean?)
i mean i know i mean patriarchy
is fuckin up everyone's chi
it's biggest mother fuck on we
displaced us from where we should be
she's a force awakening
she's a forced awakening
we're before a wake again
she'll restore and make again
and again and again and again, again
cuz y'all know we're the warriors
cleanin up after these men, shit.

Missy D:
Im Kilometers millimeters from the distance
Long walk from freedom bt they won't defeat us
I do it barefoot, in heels or my adidas
We Walk that talk
Your ignorance got me saying what the fuck?
Excuse me if u feel unamused
These standards fed up by some other dudes
From social chains we break loose
What's on the news
Not me
Im sizzlin living in not fitting in
I'm no mannequin , put u in ur place huh
Man i can !
Oh Yes sir! I mean yes HER!
Proud black african
Woman , judging my hair
Dashiki? Does she read ,
(Read?) none of ur magazines
Appropriation please
Had to create my own universe ,
Purge it all for you to hear my words
My mama taught me to love my (true) worth
It might still be a man’s world but it’s your mother's earth
Let my
Lionesses assemble in their herd, u heard
Here’s the pride
Got our claws out , independent clauses
Hear them (amount of) applauses
For our mothers and sisters who stand for the causes
I say Rawrrrrrrrrr
Ahhhhh, We never failing,
We celebrating
From the jungle to the streets
Our footprints always lead.
I'm no Simba , no Nala, no cub
I’m a grown woman n that's whatsup!!

I release the lioness in my lines
filipina goddess keeping my stars aligned
women hold up half the sky
only call me mama when You comment on my instincts
Maternal when I'm spittin giving birth to new beginnings
from genesis to revolution
-get ya hands up-
if you're for the people
-get ya mutha fuckin hands up-
Indigenous gettin free
Land defendin 'em sendin em peace
Our steez is your disease
Why we pilin up medical fees
But kimmortal never cease
I see the beauty in my beast
Mode steady cut my teeth on that independent shit
I get no sleep -zone- codes I hack
crackinsomniac uh huh My dreams they got me stayin woke
Lady dragon wit my cannon
Only Bragging bout
the womyn who have held me up
stepped into her jungle book
Danced up on her bush
Robin Hood think you hot shit?
Ya neva met the sisterhood


released January 21, 2017
produced by: Kimmortal & David Tallarico @ The Beatcave
recorded, mixed, & mastered by: David Tallarico
emcees: Jillthy, Missy D (missyd.bandcamp.com), Kimmortal



all rights reserved


Kimmortal Vancouver, British Columbia

K!MMORTAL is an artist of lines and rhymes from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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